September 03, 2011

Pregroe 4-in-1 Thickening Shampoo

Php200 for 250ml

I have thin limp hair and I wanted my hair thicker and with a little oomph. I saw this on the shelves of Watsons and I bought a sachet to sample the product. It's a 4 in 1 shampoo which claimed to cleanse, thicken, control, and revitalize hair. I liked it after one usage so I decided to buy a big bottle.

I really liked how the shampoo smelt and how well it lathered. Based on the scent alone I would definitely repurchase BUT instead of making my hair thick, I experienced hair fall with it. How would my hair be thicker if my hair keeps falling off my head, right? It just doesn't make sense. I wanted to love this product unfortunately it just wasn't for me. 

I don't really have much luck with hair products. I haven't found my HG shampoo yet. Oh well on to the next shampoo I guess. 

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